Monday, February 28, 2011

Be Rad

Happy Monday, Nick, Ali and Greg!

Yes, it is a happy Monday! Dad and I took the day off from being at the office! We wanted to enjoy Alyssa and Jon's wedding, which we did, immensely! But, more importantly, we wanted to have the day to be with you, Ali, before you headed back to New York, especially since we now know that you will be there for at least 13 more months. Got a clear picture of my tears?

So many great celebrations lately! More on those later...Right now I am thinking about Bradley. I love my nephew! He finished his high school basketball career on Saturday. In all honesty, I am relieved. It has been painful. You three know this...Bradley has worked harder than anyone I know at his sport. His desire since he was little was to be a starter on SFC's varsity basketball team, and, maybe, even play in college. Things didn't quite work out as planned. So, what did God teach me through this?

1) Life is not fair. It's just not.
2) God is in control, even when things are crazy-makingly unfair.
3) I have the potential to revert to self being in control, rather than the Holy Spirit, in a nano-second.
4) Debbi and Jonathan are amazing! Honest in their disappointment and frustration, yet at the same time, trusting God and His plan for their son.
5) My nephew, Bradley, has a deep well of integrity. Watching him as he encouraged his teammates and observing his work ethic has been inspiring!
6) Some of the best and most lasting lessons in life come to us through hardship, squashed dreams, coaching that makes no sense, not getting what we desire.
7) Bradley gets it! He understands that what God could prevent, He allows for His purposes.
8) If abiding in Jesus, resting in Him, an intimate relationship with Him is always our goal, desires may not be fulfilled, but our true goal is always within our reach!

So, although I didn't learn too much more about the sport of basketball this past season (the whole self-in-control prevented me from being able to sit at the games with a positive attitude, so I didn't make it to too many), I had another opportunity to learn lessons from the perfect Coach!


ps~Bradley, you rock! I love you dearly! Can't wait to see what God has planned for you!

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  1. I only saw one of Bradley's games, but I did see him hit two three pointers in just a couple minutes then go inand out of teh game like a yoyo... but the remarkable thing was to see his attitude of joy and enthusiasm both going in and coming out. Life is not fair, but lessons learned, especially hard ones will serve us all til we are 93, and if Bradley's character has become one of joy and encouragment to others through adversity... more power to him and to the Spirit who shines through him. Also remember, Bradley's best basketball may still be to come. My game was not developed until 20-23 years old... so high school is not the end of any dream... just a beginning, ... so keep dreaming :).