Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Nerd

Not sure if I should be telling you this, but here it goes; Your father is a nerd. I have never met anyone like him. It's almost to the point of being an obsession, this nerdiness. And, every now and then, an obsession that he tries to hide from me.

A few months back, I realized that he was flying to San Francisco, again, to study Neuro-Chemistry. When I discovered that this was not just a one time thing, but a many months thing, I approached him. "Did we discuss this...that you would be investing lots of time, lots of money on this Neuro-Chem Fellowship?" I asked. He had a bit of a guilty look about him as he nodded vigorously, "Yes. Don't you remember?" Now, granted, I don't remember lots of things...But this?...You'd think I'd remember.

Then, seems like almost once a week, he will be getting ready to leave the house. "Where are you going?" I ask. "Don't you remember? I have a seminar on ________________________?" (I really am trying to recall any of those big words that should go on the line. But, I just can't.) "No. I don't remember," I reply. "I wrote it on the calendar," he says, again with that same guilty look. He runs over to the calendar (I think it's to pencil in his seminar, spur of that moment), and he shows me. "Hmmmmm...I guess I didn't see it there."

Dinner will be all ready, on the table, almost everyone in their places, ready to eat. Your dad will be at his computer, those ear bud thingys in his ears. Again, I go to him, use the best hand motions I can think of to get the message across that dinner is ready. He will glance up at me, a slightly irritated look on his face, hold up a finger to indicate that he will be there in a minute. Those can be some long minutes and cold dinners.

I think you may already know this. Some of my friends know. Lots of my family members know. I finally decided to tell him. "Did you know that you are a nerd?" He looks up from his books, puzzled look on his face. "But, you are the cutest nerd I have ever known!" He didn't get mad. He smiled.

Really, I have more respect for your dad than I do for anyone, ever. For many reasons, but one is that he is passionate about learning. Anything he can learn that will help him understand health, the human body, new ways in which to help his patients, he devours. Really, devours. And, though at times I wonder about this other love of his, I couldn't be more proud of my cute nerd!

Funny thing is, I think you three may have inherited this same passion for learning from me! Oops...I mean from your dad!


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  1. Awe, this might be the most adorable post there ever was in the whole world of blogging! :)