Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hiking & Kissing & Stuff

Thursday afternoon, your dad and I went on a hike in our canyon. Just a short hike, as I had already had a great beach walk in Del Mar with Kathy earlier in the day. And, by the way, I adore Kathy! I know that you three already know this. But, just thought I'd say it again. The children and husband of this woman are beyond blessed, and, they all know it! In the close to twenty years that I have known her, I just don't hear her complain or criticize. She is easy going and so much fun to be with! And, I love Kathyisms! One of my favorites, which I heard from Chip, is, "Snug as a bug on a log"! So cute! Anyway...back to hiking...

As we reached the highest point on our hike, where there are two benches that overlook the entire canyon with a peek of the ocean, we came upon another hiker and his dog. Now, this created a problem, as this is the spot where we always stop, hug and have a little make out session. Since we were not alone, we decided to have just a super brief embrace and peck, and off we went. As we got to the lowest part of our hike, though, your dad noticed that to the east, rising just above the canyon wall, was an amazing full moon! So, we did what any other couple like us would do...We created a new make out spot! I love hiking!


ps~Nick, on Valentine's Day, we thought your evening class ended at 9:45. So, yes, we were a bit surprised to hear you pulling into the garage at 9:15.

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