Monday, February 28, 2011

Be Rad

Happy Monday, Nick, Ali and Greg!

Yes, it is a happy Monday! Dad and I took the day off from being at the office! We wanted to enjoy Alyssa and Jon's wedding, which we did, immensely! But, more importantly, we wanted to have the day to be with you, Ali, before you headed back to New York, especially since we now know that you will be there for at least 13 more months. Got a clear picture of my tears?

So many great celebrations lately! More on those later...Right now I am thinking about Bradley. I love my nephew! He finished his high school basketball career on Saturday. In all honesty, I am relieved. It has been painful. You three know this...Bradley has worked harder than anyone I know at his sport. His desire since he was little was to be a starter on SFC's varsity basketball team, and, maybe, even play in college. Things didn't quite work out as planned. So, what did God teach me through this?

1) Life is not fair. It's just not.
2) God is in control, even when things are crazy-makingly unfair.
3) I have the potential to revert to self being in control, rather than the Holy Spirit, in a nano-second.
4) Debbi and Jonathan are amazing! Honest in their disappointment and frustration, yet at the same time, trusting God and His plan for their son.
5) My nephew, Bradley, has a deep well of integrity. Watching him as he encouraged his teammates and observing his work ethic has been inspiring!
6) Some of the best and most lasting lessons in life come to us through hardship, squashed dreams, coaching that makes no sense, not getting what we desire.
7) Bradley gets it! He understands that what God could prevent, He allows for His purposes.
8) If abiding in Jesus, resting in Him, an intimate relationship with Him is always our goal, desires may not be fulfilled, but our true goal is always within our reach!

So, although I didn't learn too much more about the sport of basketball this past season (the whole self-in-control prevented me from being able to sit at the games with a positive attitude, so I didn't make it to too many), I had another opportunity to learn lessons from the perfect Coach!


ps~Bradley, you rock! I love you dearly! Can't wait to see what God has planned for you!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hiking & Kissing & Stuff

Thursday afternoon, your dad and I went on a hike in our canyon. Just a short hike, as I had already had a great beach walk in Del Mar with Kathy earlier in the day. And, by the way, I adore Kathy! I know that you three already know this. But, just thought I'd say it again. The children and husband of this woman are beyond blessed, and, they all know it! In the close to twenty years that I have known her, I just don't hear her complain or criticize. She is easy going and so much fun to be with! And, I love Kathyisms! One of my favorites, which I heard from Chip, is, "Snug as a bug on a log"! So cute! Anyway...back to hiking...

As we reached the highest point on our hike, where there are two benches that overlook the entire canyon with a peek of the ocean, we came upon another hiker and his dog. Now, this created a problem, as this is the spot where we always stop, hug and have a little make out session. Since we were not alone, we decided to have just a super brief embrace and peck, and off we went. As we got to the lowest part of our hike, though, your dad noticed that to the east, rising just above the canyon wall, was an amazing full moon! So, we did what any other couple like us would do...We created a new make out spot! I love hiking!


ps~Nick, on Valentine's Day, we thought your evening class ended at 9:45. So, yes, we were a bit surprised to hear you pulling into the garage at 9:15.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Little Things

(and a few not so little things)

My dear Three-most-favorite-young-adults-in-the-whole-wide-world,

Sometimes I think of things that are not really "blog entry" worthy. Just some random thing that I want to share with you. So, here goes my bullet point list.

(Shoot, I don't know how to make a bullet point on my keyboard, so this dash will have to do.)

-I hate gum. I hate watching people chomp on it. I hate hearing people chomp on it. I hate thinking about watching or hearing people chomp on it. Did you know that? ;-) Maybe this has to do with my teeth-falling-out-dreams, or my sensitive hearing, or the visual of mouths open-close, open-close. Who knows?

-I don't like the spelling of the word "through". In my journal, I write "thru". Now, being a previous English teacher (one year, a very desperate middle school), I am conflicted as I jot down "thru" instead of "through" in my journal. But, my dislike of the proper spelling wins out almost every time.

-Picky eaters bug me. I know this sounds harsh, and I understand that these days many people have serious health problems associated with different types of food. So, I am not talking about that type of picky. In college, I think that one of the main reasons I broke up with this guy is that he was a picky eater. That's mean, huh? Maybe there were other reasons, too.

-I sometimes think that I need to warn potential friends about me. I don't like talking on the phone. I take forever to return emails. I read a text, then forget about it and forget to reply. We don't ever pick up our home phone and hardly ever listen to the messages. But, I LOVE being person-to-person! Makes long distance friendships a challenge.

-Buy organic. Yes, it's more expensive and not quite as easy to find. But, it is worth it.

-I am a Jesus freak. Your dad is a Jesus freak. There. It's out in the open now.

-Be generous. Unless there is a really unhealthy balance in a friendship, don't let your mind even wander to the thought that someone is taking advantage of you. Remember that large chunk of money in some imaginary account that I have told you about, specifically earmarked for being generous with people? :-)

-I love "American Idol" and frozen yogurt. Big surprise on that one. Huh? And, I know that you, Ali, like "The Bachelor" (Nick, too, but I don't want to embarrass you), and that you, Nick, also like "Family Guy", and that you, Greg, like "Modern Family", and that all three of you like frozen yogurt, too!

-Notice in conversations if you are the one doing most of the talking, or, most of the listening. Now, there may be times when this is appropriate. But, overall, friendships consist of listening and sharing, in a wonderful, healthy, filling-up kind of balance!

-Chose your spouse carefully. Lots of talking and listening to God, insight from those closest to you, enough time to see how this person handles difficult situations and life's challenges, and, as an added bonus, make sure this person loves your mother! (This whole topic does require more thought and time. Lots more. Guess it should not be in this entry. More later. Lots more.)

-Don't allow technology to win out over the actual presence of a person. Put down your cell phones and computers. Touch, hug, kiss...Things you can't do with technology, or at least I don't think you can. Hmmm...Can you?

-I love so much about your generation! And, I have some major concerns about your generation. But, overall, since you three, my favorite young adults, are a part of that generation, I have a very special fondness for it!

Well, Ali, Nick and Gregory, that's my list for today. Maybe I'll think of a lot of new things to share with you tomorrow. :-)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


When we moved into our home over 22 years ago, we met our neighbors, Debbie, Charlie, Daryn and Matt. Great neighbors!

As the years went by, they became more that just neighbors. I would ask Debbie's advice. "When are the kids old enough to be out front without me?" "Gregory went to school this morning, but the school just called, wondering why he isn't at school today. What do I do?" Charlie would yell over anytime he saw you, Nick, out front, "Nicky, what are you doing?" Charlie appreciated that your response was always short and to the point. "Nothin'." Daryn would babysit you three. We watched each other's kids grow up. They became friends!

We started celebrating together. Birthdays. Graduations. They would come and watch your games. We would go to Matt's surf movie premieres. Charlie would give you a ride in or on whatever new car or motorcycle he had that month. Debbie and I stamped together. We would call up or yell across the street, spur of the moment, "You guys want to come over for dinner?" We would go back and forth between our homes, sharing meals together. We got excited for each other when good things happened to our kids. We cried together when Kylie died. They became great friends!

When Matt and Aimee got engaged, they asked your dad to officiate at their wedding. What an honor for him! What a joy for all of us to be there, celebrating Aimee and Matt's special day! When you, Gregory, decided to go to dental school through the Army, you and Charlie surprised everyone with Charlie being the commissioning officer! And...when we started to celebrate every Christmas Eve together, I realized, they had become like that you really, really like!

G, A, and N, I hope that when you are settled down in your own places, you are given the gift of having your own B9s as neighbors, friends and family!

Friday, February 11, 2011

"In I John I am your Life"

How amazing it would have been to be one of the two people walking with Jesus, after He rose from the dead and came back to earth for awhile, listening to Him as "He expounded to them in all the Scriptures (beginning at Moses and all the Prophets) the things concerning Himself." (Luke 24:27)!!

Might have gone something like this:

"In Exodus I am the Passover Lamb.
In Numbers I am the Pillar of Cloud by day and the Pillar of Fire by night.
In Psalm I am the Shepherd.
In Proverbs, when it speaks of Wisdom, that's Me.
In Daniel I was that 4th Man who walked the fiery furnace.
In Amos I am your Burden Bearer.
In Malachi I am the Son of Righteousness, rising with healing in My Wings."

And, if YouTube was around back then, He would have been the first to share with the world on video, "Jesus in Every Book of the Bible"!

Thank you, Ali, for passing along that great YouTube link! I love it! I love Jesus! I love how He is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End!

(Is there a penalty for blogging plagiarism?)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Nerd

Not sure if I should be telling you this, but here it goes; Your father is a nerd. I have never met anyone like him. It's almost to the point of being an obsession, this nerdiness. And, every now and then, an obsession that he tries to hide from me.

A few months back, I realized that he was flying to San Francisco, again, to study Neuro-Chemistry. When I discovered that this was not just a one time thing, but a many months thing, I approached him. "Did we discuss this...that you would be investing lots of time, lots of money on this Neuro-Chem Fellowship?" I asked. He had a bit of a guilty look about him as he nodded vigorously, "Yes. Don't you remember?" Now, granted, I don't remember lots of things...But this?...You'd think I'd remember.

Then, seems like almost once a week, he will be getting ready to leave the house. "Where are you going?" I ask. "Don't you remember? I have a seminar on ________________________?" (I really am trying to recall any of those big words that should go on the line. But, I just can't.) "No. I don't remember," I reply. "I wrote it on the calendar," he says, again with that same guilty look. He runs over to the calendar (I think it's to pencil in his seminar, spur of that moment), and he shows me. "Hmmmmm...I guess I didn't see it there."

Dinner will be all ready, on the table, almost everyone in their places, ready to eat. Your dad will be at his computer, those ear bud thingys in his ears. Again, I go to him, use the best hand motions I can think of to get the message across that dinner is ready. He will glance up at me, a slightly irritated look on his face, hold up a finger to indicate that he will be there in a minute. Those can be some long minutes and cold dinners.

I think you may already know this. Some of my friends know. Lots of my family members know. I finally decided to tell him. "Did you know that you are a nerd?" He looks up from his books, puzzled look on his face. "But, you are the cutest nerd I have ever known!" He didn't get mad. He smiled.

Really, I have more respect for your dad than I do for anyone, ever. For many reasons, but one is that he is passionate about learning. Anything he can learn that will help him understand health, the human body, new ways in which to help his patients, he devours. Really, devours. And, though at times I wonder about this other love of his, I couldn't be more proud of my cute nerd!

Funny thing is, I think you three may have inherited this same passion for learning from me! Oops...I mean from your dad!


Saturday, February 5, 2011


Thursdays are my day. Maybe Fridays are Tricia's and Saturdays are Jeralyn's. I'm not sure of the order. I just know that Karen thought of it. Our "Slipper Group" each picked a day of the week to specifically be praying for Rebecca as she goes through her chemo treatments. Dear women, loving on my precious sister-in-law!

We have been together, some of us at least, for twenty six years. We have celebrated birthdays...once with kayaking in La Jolla Cove...once with a pedicab ride and a play downtown...once with wine tasting in Temecula (I think that was for my birthday)...but every time with lots of food, laughter and, every now and then, tears. We have hiked together, camped together, Bible studied together. We have been with each other through divorces, boyfriends, weddings, births, deaths, graduations, illnesses, job losses, and new jobs, and even a church split. And, through it all, when we are with one another, it is comfortable, cozy, my favorite slippers! I love these women!

Last Saturday, we sat in the backyard of Liz and Gary's home, after the memorial service for Annette and Liz's mom. What a special time of celebrating the life of this dear woman who loved Jesus whole-heartedly! Brian and Rebecca left shortly after the service, dealing with the grief of losing Kolbe the night before. Gary, Linda's husband and our newest addition, sat with us. Annette, though busy with the other guests, joined us a bit later, looking quite peaceful, knowing that her mom is finally at her true home and out of pain. We chatted, laughed, reminisced, sensed joy, pain, hope all at the same time...Life with my "Slipper Group"!

Friday, February 4, 2011


Happy Friday, G, A & N~

While coloring this morning, I came across some really cool sentences! Nick, really, there aren't too many words. So, hang in there.

I am reading "The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life [76;v.873]". I have no idea what the 76 and v. 873 mean, but that's what I get for purchasing the cheapest copy of this book on Amazon. (One of the first sentences in the book is, "VTO thoughtful person can question the fact that, for 1 the most part, the Christian life, as it is generally lived, is not entirely a happy life." VTO? 1? Quite challenging to read an entire book like this. I sure hope I'm getting the right message.)

Anyway...back to a few sentences..."Abandoment...consecration...whatever word we use, we mean an entire surrender of the whole being to God,-spirit, soul, and body placed under His absolute control, for Him to do with us just what He pleases. We mean that the language of our hearts, under all circumstances and in view of every act, is to be 'Thy will be done.'...To a soul ignorant of God, this may look hard; but to those who know Him, it is the happiest and most restful of lives. He is our Father, and He loves us, and He knows just what is best, and therefore, of course, His will is the very most blessed thing that can come to us under any circumstances...Could we but for one moment get a glimpse into the mighty depths of His love, our hearts would spring out to meet His will and embrace it as our richest treasure; and we would abandon ourselves to it with an enthusiasm of gratitude and joy, that such a wondrous privilege could be ours...Better and sweeter than health, or friends, or money, or fame, or ease, or prosperity, is the adorable will of God...The first step you must take in order to enter into the life hid with Christ in God, is that of entire consecration...You must do it gladly, thankfully, enthusiastically. You must go in on what I call the privilege side of consecration; and I can assure you, from the universal testimony of all who have tried it, that you will find it the happiest place you have ever entered yet."

Greg, Ali and Nick, my prayer is that you will abandon yourselves to God, that you will rest in His will for your lives, and that you will discover the peace and joy that Jesus gives us in a life "hidden with Christ in God". (Col. 3:3)

Back to my coloring books,

ps~Greg, happy 1/2 marathon! And, yay, you had your first patient! Thanks for calling to tell me about your experience! Have I told you lately, I love it when you come home? ;-)

~Ali, are you feeling any better today? So wish you were here so I could baby you for a few days! Keep me posted on the job hunt. And, I have been praying for Megan. I love you, my Pooh! :-)

~Nick, okay, it was a little more than a few sentences. How's the water? You long boarding? Hope your ankle is feeling okay. Fun with Nate and Taylor last night? I miss you when you're gone! Our home is too quiet and clean. :-0

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So...Outside it is beautiful! Clear, but, if anything like yesterday, a bit (California, not New York) chilly. And, here I am, hiding in my bedroom, sitting at my computer, jammies still on, back brace squeezing my middle section, reading glasses balancing close to the tip of my nose, hair sticking out all which ways, with this goop at the roots, trying to hide my gray. Quite the sight...

Depressing? Not really. For some reason, aging, so far, has not bothered me too much. Would I want to go back to my twenties? Heck no! Thirties. No. Forties. Definitely not. As my outer person wrinkles, grays, develops even more of a "muffin top", struggles with vision and hearing, feels aches and pains, has funky teeth things happening, my inner person is more content than ever!

The reason for this contentment? Jesus! As He continues to reveal Himself to me, I am sensing His peace and joy more than ever! As He does His work in me, I am experiencing healing in relationships! As I am understanding my true relationship to this world, my perspective (sometimes) has changed. In knowing that eternity is NOW for me, I am accepting (sometimes) what He has for me. Growing deeper into Him with each passing year, I say, "Bring it on!" (sometimes).

So, though I wouldn't be thrilled about others seeing me at this very moment, my heart is happy! I look forward to seeing what God has planned for me in this adventure of life on earth! Couldn't imagine walking it without Him!

Ali, Gregory, and Nick, my three most favorite young adults in the world, I pray that you embrace each year, each new season of your lives, whether challenging or smooth, with enthusiasm! That (as you, Ali, put it) you allow the indwelling Spirit to do His thing in you! That, rather than just knowing more about Jesus, you get to KNOW Him! That you learn to see God's hand in everything! That you experience lives that are filled to overflowing with the joy, peace and hope of our Jesus!!!

Love you to New York and back, Loma Linda and back, and that messy bedroom down the hall and back + infinity + one!!!~oxo

~"Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day." II Cor. 4:16