Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So...Outside it is beautiful! Clear, but, if anything like yesterday, a bit (California, not New York) chilly. And, here I am, hiding in my bedroom, sitting at my computer, jammies still on, back brace squeezing my middle section, reading glasses balancing close to the tip of my nose, hair sticking out all which ways, with this goop at the roots, trying to hide my gray. Quite the sight...

Depressing? Not really. For some reason, aging, so far, has not bothered me too much. Would I want to go back to my twenties? Heck no! Thirties. No. Forties. Definitely not. As my outer person wrinkles, grays, develops even more of a "muffin top", struggles with vision and hearing, feels aches and pains, has funky teeth things happening, my inner person is more content than ever!

The reason for this contentment? Jesus! As He continues to reveal Himself to me, I am sensing His peace and joy more than ever! As He does His work in me, I am experiencing healing in relationships! As I am understanding my true relationship to this world, my perspective (sometimes) has changed. In knowing that eternity is NOW for me, I am accepting (sometimes) what He has for me. Growing deeper into Him with each passing year, I say, "Bring it on!" (sometimes).

So, though I wouldn't be thrilled about others seeing me at this very moment, my heart is happy! I look forward to seeing what God has planned for me in this adventure of life on earth! Couldn't imagine walking it without Him!

Ali, Gregory, and Nick, my three most favorite young adults in the world, I pray that you embrace each year, each new season of your lives, whether challenging or smooth, with enthusiasm! That (as you, Ali, put it) you allow the indwelling Spirit to do His thing in you! That, rather than just knowing more about Jesus, you get to KNOW Him! That you learn to see God's hand in everything! That you experience lives that are filled to overflowing with the joy, peace and hope of our Jesus!!!

Love you to New York and back, Loma Linda and back, and that messy bedroom down the hall and back + infinity + one!!!~oxo

~"Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day." II Cor. 4:16


  1. I have you on my blogroll so I just started reading without knowing it was from you! I was thinking "this is. REALLY good...I wonder how old she is?". Then I saw your kids' names and laughed. I, also, don't mind growing old because it is God's perfect plan for us and His purposes are so good...this isn't our home...

  2. Mama, I LOVE this! I love how you point us to Jesus time and time again! Thank you!!!

    p.s. I love you :)