Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's Wednesday!

On Wednesday mornings, I wake up with a smile. Not that I don't like every day of the week. But Wednesdays are different. Nick, you head off to school with Jonny, kind of like when you were three, only now one of you drives instead of Debbi or me, and Nick, you aren't crying uncontrollably. (And, you are doing quite well in college versus flunking out of preschool.) Then, after last minute rushing around, your dad leaves for work. And, here I am. Alone in our home. Now, I love having our home filled with you three, Dad, friends, family. But, these few hours alone...Sigh with a smile...

This morning is the first morning in a long time that I had the window open as I was reading and writing and coloring. For today, a hint of spring is in the air. Birds were noisy, playing in our backyard...Still smiling...

By tomorrow I will have finished "The Christian's Secret to a Happy Life". I get a bit sad when I come to the end of a book that I have been enjoying. But, near the end of this book, I underlined AND starred this paragraph. "We must be convinced that the Scriptures teach this glorious indwelling of God; then we must believe that He has taken possession, and is dwelling in us. We must begin to reckon ourselves dead, and to reckon Christ as our only life. We must maintain this attitude of soul unwaveringly. It will help us to say, 'I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live. Yet not I, but Christ liveth in me,' over and over, day and night, until it becomes the habitual breathing of our souls. We must put off our self-life by faith continually, and put on the life of Christ; and we must do this, not only by faith, but practically as well. We must continually put self to death in all the details of daily life, and must let Christ instead live and work in us"...Smiling from the inside out...


ps~Ali, I love your blog! You make me laugh. You are insightful and deep and silly, and your cuteness comes across in your words. What a treat to have you home for five crazy, fun-filled days!
~Gregory, thank you for texting me when you make it back to school. You don't have to do that, but I love it! So glad that Dad and I got to see you dance at the wedding! Are you coming home this weekend? Just in case you forgot, I love it when you come home!
~Nick, glad you decided on the gray one. It looked great! And, thank you for dancing with me. And, Whale, you are funny!

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  1. LOVE that book...I think I've read it three times but am thinking I need to read it again!