Saturday, February 5, 2011


Thursdays are my day. Maybe Fridays are Tricia's and Saturdays are Jeralyn's. I'm not sure of the order. I just know that Karen thought of it. Our "Slipper Group" each picked a day of the week to specifically be praying for Rebecca as she goes through her chemo treatments. Dear women, loving on my precious sister-in-law!

We have been together, some of us at least, for twenty six years. We have celebrated birthdays...once with kayaking in La Jolla Cove...once with a pedicab ride and a play downtown...once with wine tasting in Temecula (I think that was for my birthday)...but every time with lots of food, laughter and, every now and then, tears. We have hiked together, camped together, Bible studied together. We have been with each other through divorces, boyfriends, weddings, births, deaths, graduations, illnesses, job losses, and new jobs, and even a church split. And, through it all, when we are with one another, it is comfortable, cozy, my favorite slippers! I love these women!

Last Saturday, we sat in the backyard of Liz and Gary's home, after the memorial service for Annette and Liz's mom. What a special time of celebrating the life of this dear woman who loved Jesus whole-heartedly! Brian and Rebecca left shortly after the service, dealing with the grief of losing Kolbe the night before. Gary, Linda's husband and our newest addition, sat with us. Annette, though busy with the other guests, joined us a bit later, looking quite peaceful, knowing that her mom is finally at her true home and out of pain. We chatted, laughed, reminisced, sensed joy, pain, hope all at the same time...Life with my "Slipper Group"!

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