Tuesday, February 15, 2011


When we moved into our home over 22 years ago, we met our neighbors, Debbie, Charlie, Daryn and Matt. Great neighbors!

As the years went by, they became more that just neighbors. I would ask Debbie's advice. "When are the kids old enough to be out front without me?" "Gregory went to school this morning, but the school just called, wondering why he isn't at school today. What do I do?" Charlie would yell over anytime he saw you, Nick, out front, "Nicky, what are you doing?" Charlie appreciated that your response was always short and to the point. "Nothin'." Daryn would babysit you three. We watched each other's kids grow up. They became friends!

We started celebrating together. Birthdays. Graduations. They would come and watch your games. We would go to Matt's surf movie premieres. Charlie would give you a ride in or on whatever new car or motorcycle he had that month. Debbie and I stamped together. We would call up or yell across the street, spur of the moment, "You guys want to come over for dinner?" We would go back and forth between our homes, sharing meals together. We got excited for each other when good things happened to our kids. We cried together when Kylie died. They became great friends!

When Matt and Aimee got engaged, they asked your dad to officiate at their wedding. What an honor for him! What a joy for all of us to be there, celebrating Aimee and Matt's special day! When you, Gregory, decided to go to dental school through the Army, you and Charlie surprised everyone with Charlie being the commissioning officer! And...when we started to celebrate every Christmas Eve together, I realized, they had become like family...family that you really, really like!

G, A, and N, I hope that when you are settled down in your own places, you are given the gift of having your own B9s as neighbors, friends and family!


  1. What a blessing! I LOVE having good neighbors but yours sound very special.

  2. Wrights + Beauchesnes 4ever! :)

    Alisa, what a lovely post. We are so blessed to have you and your wonderful family in our lives. Thank you for your sweet words!