Sunday, May 18, 2014

You did it!

Yes, you did! You stole our daughter's heart, and we couldn't be happier!
David, you are the answer to our prayers! 

Ali was not the little girl who always dreamed of finding her Prince Charming and getting married. As a matter of fact, if she talked about marriage, it was usually about how it didn't really interest her.

Then you came along...

I love that it was YOU that made her so excited about marriage! I love the way you pursued her! I love the way you cherish her, care for her, adore her! You know her...really know her...and you see the best in her! You bring out the best in her! (And, I'm sure there are times when you bring out the worst in each other...Sometimes that just happens.) She loves and trusts you enough to be her true self with you!

With two such passionate people, you and Ali may have some bumps along the way. You both are "all in" in whatever you do. But, knowing that you and Ali desire to be abiding in Jesus, surrendered to the Spirit, seeking God's will in your lives, I am confident that this new stage of married life will suit you well!

Thank you, David, for loving our girl so well! We love you and thank God for you!

ps- The way you displayed your love for Ali on the side of a busy street in Charleston is something I will never forget. :-)

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Just thinking about you four, my favorite young adults! 

Nicky, I've loved seeing your photos from New Zealand! What an adventure! Sounds like you had a blast with the guys, and now more fun times with the Sahakians! We miss you and pray for you daily!

Ali, Dad and I were just talking about how strange it is to start the weekend without you and David being here. We miss you! I know this week has been busy, with lots more coming up for you in the weeks ahead. Praying for you and David as you love on and serve those around you!

Greg and Maria, what a special time last weekend having you two here! Love, love, love spending time with you! Praying for the peace that passes understanding (because that's what you need!) to fill you as you deal with not living near each other. 

So, I just finished another journal! Starting a new one tomorrow. As I was going through this one, I came across a quote I had jotted down from Carol's book Living Free:

"Living freely is not letting anything or anyone crowd out the power and presence of the 'Son'...Jesus, in my life. It is continually being willing to die to self so that Christ can be the ruler and head of my life. It is believing that I can have the abundant life God offers, every day and in every circumstance."

Cool, huh?!!


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Two Things I didn't Know

On our walk the other day, Dad and I were talking about marriage. We both agree that even though we knew each other for seven years by the time we got married, there were surprises. Some were challenging. Some were wonderful!

I shared with Dad that I had no idea a man could love Jesus so deeply. Your dad's desire to be abiding in, depending on, trusting in Jesus is something I had never imagined in my future husband.  It's super sexy to me...a man who knows the weakness of his flesh, who admits when he is not walking in the Spirit, who continually wants to know Jesus more intimately!

The second surprise for me was the depth of your dad's love for me! I didn't know it was possible to be so unconditionally loved, to be adored, to be cared for and protected, to be listened to so well. all know me...I can be very unlovable. And he still loves me! I can be very unadorable. And he still tells me I'm beautiful and that he chooses me and that I'm his favorite person to be with!

So, Greg, Maria, Ali and Nick, my prayer for you is that you face the challenges of marriage with the grace of Jesus and that you are wonderfully surprised with the intensity and depth of the love from your future spouses!

I'm crazy about you four!

Nick-I love your love of Jesus! It's very natural for you to talk about Him! I know you want to grow deeper into Him this year. That's a great desire! I think you'll be like your dad in your lifelong love of Jesus and love of your future wife!

Ali-From a young age, you have had an unbelievable love for Jesus! Maybe your health issues caused your strong dependence on Him. I love how you see His hand in everything! Some lucky guy is going to get a Jesus-freakish wife who will respect and love him passionately! Hmm...wonder who that will be?!

Maria and Greg-Seeing you two trust in God's plan for you is so encouraging! I have to admit, I have shed some tears these past few days, knowing your love for each other, yet not living near one another. Continuing to trust Him...And thanking Him that you both love Him and keep your eyes focused on Him!