Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Homeschooled Wright Kids

I loved homeschooling you three! The hours of side-by-side studying of the U.S. Constitution, the discipline of a long school day, the prairie skirts and efficient, comfy shoes...Wait...That wasn't us...

But, I really did love the two years I had with each of you for your seventh and eighth grade years. I know when you were asked about your teacher during your homeschooling years, you replied that it definitely wasn't your mom...You mostly taught yourselves. Guilt...That's what I felt...Guilt of giving you all straight A's, then wondering how the heck you would make it through your freshman year at a demanding, private high school. Guilt that you spent about two to three hours a day on school/homework, while your peers at conventional schools were in class seven hours a day with three or more hours of homework. Guilt that I took you with me on errands and expected you to read while in the car. (Ali, big shock when we had our first trip in the car and I told you to get out your books and start reading, and you replied that you get carsick if you read in the car.) Guilt while I went to the gym or walked with a friend while you were home alone.

But, the joy...Seeing you study science, practicing drawing with your dad. Watching you surf while most kids your age were sitting in a classroom. Allowing each of you to explore your interests, your gifts, your dreams. Taking trips; to Canada with you, Ali, and that long train ride back home, and to New Zealand with you, Nick, (and you, Ali, because you quit SFC mid year) for a month! And, Greg, saying goodbye to you as you headed to South Africa for six weeks with your Grandma and Grandpa when you were twelve!

But, I think my favorite part of homeschooling you three for your junior high years is that you weren't around hundreds of adolescents that thought their parents were uncool. You missed that whole stage! You three have always seemed to love being around your dad and me, your family, people of all ages. I love that! It's rare, and I recognize that! Makes it all worth it! And, I love how you three have turned out! I would rather be with you, Ali, Nick and Greg (and your dad), than with almost anyone else in the world! Not at all saying that homeschooling is responsible for that, but, maybe, it didn't hurt either.

oxo-Your homeschool mom

ps~I did make sure that you read A LOT during those years and that you stayed up on math. Yep, that was about it!

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  1. True story: I was totally jealous that Ali was home school! I so thought it was cool in JH and so wanted to join :).