Monday, January 17, 2011


I don't really like going to museums. There. I said it...Cultured people (which I am not) like museums. I have tried. I sometimes think I go so I can check it off my list. Visit the Louvres in Paris. Check. See Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Check. But, my mind wanders. While at Te Papa in Wellington, I am wondering if there is any place close by where I can get a flat white and if we will still have enough time to kayak in Oriental Bay.

I love being outside...Being so close to a mother duck and her babies that we could almost touch them as we hike through our lagoon...Making it to the top of Elfin Forest, looking to the east at snow-covered mountains, looking west to the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island...Hiking down the Grand Canyon, that amazing crack in the ground, and then back up again...Stopping at the top of Torrey Pines to see if any whales are swimming by...Walking at our beach, watching dolphins perform their dance...Sitting in our backyard, enjoying a glass of wine with Greg, as we watch another, yet completely different, sunset! I love this art! And...I never forget the name of the Artist!

May you, G, A, and N, enjoy and be inspired by great art, and even more so, by the Great Artist!


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