Friday, January 28, 2011

I blog. I'm a blogger.

A few Saturdays back....
Greg: Mornin', Mom. What have you been doing?
Me: I started a blog.
Greg: You don't even know how to work the DVD player. How did you know how to start a blog?

Then that Sunday....
Ali: You started a blog? But, Dad's not even home. How did you do it?
Me: I pushed lots of buttons.

And on Monday....
Nick: Hahahahaha (only without any sound).

Julia (via text): Just thought you should know that everyone can read your blog every day...Just thought you should know. Hahaha love you!
(Not sure which post caused her to think that I needed a warning.)
Me (via text): But who would want to? Love you!

Love you, my precious kids and niece!


  1. Our children sure do underestimate our talent!

  2. To answer your question of 'who would want to?', I want to! Blogging is the bomb -- and you're right: just push a bunch of keys and PRESTO! :)


  3. Ha! I love that they were shocked you could do it without Greg! I know the feeling :-) xo