Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nick is 20!

Happy 20th birthday, Nick!!!

Early on the morning of each birthday, my dear friend, Carol, would get a call from her dad. He would wish her a happy birthday and then go on to tell her all about the day she was born. He ended the call by telling her how much he loves her. I thought, "What a great idea!"

So, that is what I wanted to do for you this morning, Nick. I would love to tell you all about the day you were born. But...I don't remember. I was a mom of two other young children. I do remember being very tired. Dr. Johnson, the doctor who delivered you, told Dad and me, as it was getting close to midnight, that it was his birthday. We thought it would be cool for you to have the same birthday, so he sucked you out with this vacuum thingy. Crooked neck and all, I was THRILLED that you, who I had known and loved for the last nine months, were out, and I could now cuddle you in my arms!

What I do remember about you as a baby is that we were all crazy about you! Even Gregory and Ali accepted you like they would a new puppy. :-) For fear of neglecting you, as my third child, in the area of photos, I went crazy. So, though I can't recall many details, your childhood is chronicled in (very unorganized) pictures. Thank God!

Nick, you bring so much laughter and fun to our home! I have always found it interesting that you appear to be this easy-going type, yet you know how to step it up when you need to (perfectionism??) and do a great job at anything you attempt. I love how relationships are important to you. Your circle of friends is not big, but you value and invest in people. It means a lot to me that our family is very important to you. I love your soft heart for Jesus and the ease with which you share your thoughts about Him!

So, happy birthday, my sweet Nicky! I love you so much!

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