Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Double Sticks

As Ali's tenth birthday was approaching, I thought she would be excited about growing up, reaching double digits. But, no. She hated the number ten...a stick with a big, fat circle next to it. Not sure why. Maybe it had something to do with her being just a wee bit chubby (and incredibly adorable) as a small child. Who knows. We made it through Ali being a ten year old, though we didn't mention the number too often. She welcomed her eleventh birthday with open arms!

Twenty-stick-Big,FatCircle was a magical year for me...My 50th birthday, Greg's 50th birthday, our 25th wedding anniversary. It should be illegal to celebrate as much as we did. Along with the joys, we experienced pain. The pain of my dear sis-in-law being diagnosed with cancer, again. The pain of witnessing a precious friend so beautifully care for her aging parents. In the celebrations and the pains, we clearly sensed the presence of our God in and with us. I grew to love Jesus more, trust Him more, thank Him more, sing to Him more, dig in to the Word and get to know Him more.

So, what resolutions do I have for 2011? No resolutions. What goals? Not sure. I decided to have 2011 "thoughts": Love Jesus more...Love people more...Judge and criticize less (this takes Divinity)...Listen more...Talk less (is blogging talking?).

Well, my three precious children, what are your New Year's resolutions? Goals? Thoughts? I want to know. Just know that this Mama is thanking God for you and looking forward to seeing what He does in and through you this year!

And, Happy Twenty-Stick-Stick!

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