Friday, June 3, 2011

Typical Day at the Wrights

Monday, with all three of you home...

Wake up, still a bit tired. Lots of late night laughter coming from down stairs while Dad and I tried to get to sleep the night before. (Don't mind missing sleep because of laughing and talking and the door opening and closing with your friends coming and going!)
Go downstairs to a semi-clean family room and kitchen. A few dishes still out from the gathering of our friends here the night before.
Try to read. One of you pop in and we chat.
Step over Kyle and you, Nick, on the way to my closet, as you two were sprawled out on my bedroom floor, watching soccer.
Walk with Dad and you, Ali, down at the beach. Since we missed celebrating your birthday with you, we share with you what we love about you! Takes the whole hour and a half. :-)
Ryan stops on his way back up to Santa Barbara to say hi to you, Gregory. You take a short break from your studying for boards. Very short break.
Ali, you and I pop in to the Beauchesnes to give Debbie a hug and to say good-bye to Matt before he heads to Bali.
Jamie comes by to see you, Ali. Then the Searles come over. Grandma stops in. She stays to have some crackers and cheese and a glass of wine with us.
Dinner together. Gregory, is it you that goes for Nick's armpits or is it him bugging you as we lift our hands to thank the Lord? Lots of laughter! Possibly some super inappropriate remarks made by you, Ali, without you knowing how inappropriate they were.
Hug you, Greg, as you head back to Loma Linda. (Very typical)
Drive you, Ali, to the airport, for your flight back to New York. (Kind of typical)
Drop you, Nick, off at the Leopolds so you, Nate, Taylor, Brandon could head down to Nicaragua to surf. (Really not typical at all)

Tuesday, with you three gone...

Maybe, a quick game of ping pong. ;-)

Love it when you three are home!
Miss you when you are away! But, don't worry too much about Dad and me. We'll be okay.

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