Sunday, May 29, 2011

For the Record

Sometimes, when I have a moment or two to stop and think or in the middle of the night when I'm having a hard time sleeping, my minds just goes...

I miss Debbie and Charlie. When can we have them for dinner? It's been way too long...Will there be a time, even just a half hour or so, when Debbie Rydman and I can have a phone catch-up chat? She thinks it won't be until 2013. I'm still hopeful for 2011...Grandma and Grandpa should be having dinner with us at least once a month. Why have months gone by without this happening?...Hopefully Kirk and Emma aren't holding their breath for the meal I promised them after the arrival of their twins. And, will the darling outfits that Lori Carr made for the babies still fit them by the time I actually deliver the meal and gifts?...What cards can I send to Kim and Karen for (very) belated birthday wishes? And, by the time it gets to Kim in South Africa, will it be her 52nd birthday?...And, I need to start doing my core exercises...And, brushing my teeth with my cool new toothbrush that Gregory gave me for my birthday will be so good for my teeth and gums, but how do I use it?...And, when's the last time I flipped my mattress?...

Things like that.

Then, when I think about the past 10 days, I realize that life is going by quickly, and I have been busy.

So, since my blog is for you, Gregory, Ali and Nick, and, hopefully, for my future grandchildren to read (maybe) and learn a few things about their Grandma and Grandpa, (grandchildren will hopefully follow after I get a son-in-law and two daughters-in-law, which may require, not sure when this will happen) I have decided to jot down a few events from the past ten days. Just for the record.

5/19~Grandma took Aunt Lori, Aunt Debbi, adopted Aunt Carol and me to George's in La Jolla for my birthday lunch! The best "Sister's Lunch" ever!

5/20~Stopped by Lori Carr's to pick up the apron she made for Jessi's shower gift. Ended up staying hours. That happens with us sometimes. :-) Dad, you (Nick and Gregory), and I met Brian and Rebecca downtown for dinner and a Padres' game!

5/21~Attended the memorial service for a dear lady, Debra. Sat next to her husband, John, and am praying for the comfort of Jesus in his life as he learns how to do life without his wife.

5/22~Dad's birthday! Nice breakfast together (but without you, Ali). Church. Long lagoon walk with Craig and Deanna. Barbecue with just us. Just in case you didn't know, I am CRAZY about your dad! I love celebrating him!

5/23~Woke up with anxiety. Felt like I was going to throw up. Dad asked how I was doing. I burst into tears and admitted that I was afraid I was going to get the news that the melanoma had spread. That I knew I should have gone in earlier to have that strange mole checked. He hugged me, and that calmed me down. Long day at work. While at the office, got the call from the doctor's office that the margins are clear! Yay, hopefully no more melanoma! Only a nasty scar on my left shoulder. (For some weird reason, I think scars are kind of cool.) Thank you, Greg, Ali and Nick for your prayers, your encouraging and funny texts and your love!

5/24~Got the news that Lei's brother-in-law had passed away (just a few weeks after losing her sister), so she will need time off work. Heart ache for Lei and her family. Too many losses for one family.

5/25~Worked until 3, then you (Ali) came to pick me up at the office with Julia and Cassi! Got to take a long beach walk with my baby girl and two of my darling nieces! (Wish that Caroline, Jenna and Alizae lived close enough so I could take walks with them, too! I miss them!)

5/26~You (Ali) and I had a nice long walk with Andrea. Shopped at many different places, gathering the ingredients for a vegan, gluten-free lunch for Jessi's shower. Stopped by to say hi to Grandma and Grandpa. Casually told Grandpa about my melanoma. He gave me that VERY concerned look of his, wanted the pathology report, wanted to know my prognosis, then told me some stories of people he has known who have died from melanoma. And, then he wanted to keep talking about it. In detail. You, Ali, asked me why I didn't speak up, why I just sat there. Well, my stomach was going crazy, in knots, fear was beginning to take over, and I was remembering why I didn't tell him earlier and was wishing I hadn't told him at all. Quickly left. Whew...Thought to myself, "God, I trust YOU! No matter what the outcome, I trust YOU!" Sensed His peace return! Later, hung out at Searle's, catching up with Deb, watching Bradley sleep on the couch (mono, maybe?), getting to know darling A.J. better!

5/27~Took Ali up to San Marcos for blood work. Three nurses, one doctor, pokes in her arms, hands and feet, and they finally were able to draw blood! Quick beach walk. Bradley's graduation from SFC! Loved seeing my Bradley and Blake Michel as they graduated! While at the graduation, Dad got asked, in a funny kind of way, to officiate at Jessi and Josh's wedding. Dad's response was, once again, "You do know that I'm a chiropractor?!" (He feels very honored.) BIG celebration party at the Searle's after! Got to hang out with Kerry and Jeff, Cyndy and Denny, Debbie and Charlie (a little). Tried to talk Kerry and Jeff into moving back into Pacific Ranch since they are selling their beautiful Cardiff home. I know, it's just me...but, why would anyone ever move from this neighborhood? Unless, of course, someone is holding you at gunpoint, making you leave. ;-) Loved getting to know Wendy (Bradley's girlfriend's mother) better! So fun that Connie and Rich came by and we could sing to her on her actual 60th birthday!

5/28~Jessi's shower! Great to be celebrating your best friend, Ali, since birth and her upcoming wedding to a great guy! My "Slipper Group" was all here! Plus other friends! Got to see Jamie again! And Kristi! And Michelle! Before everyone left, Dad and I were off to Connie's 60th at the Fish Market. Fabulous party! Our entire couples' Bible study group was there! Many from our women's study! Kimmy just got in from Australia that morning! Got caught up with Le Ann Trees! Sat next to Sweet Mary (as we all call her)! Your dad got to sit next to Kim and got to talk with Louis. Connie is one hot 60 year old! Came home to a house full of kids. (That's what I call people in their 20s.) Loved it!

5/29~Sitting at my computer. Heading off to church soon. Preparing for a little get together this evening. Will Symons just got back from his 5 months of working in Thailand. Brendan heads to Africa, then law school in Washington D.C. Brittany leaves for a missions trip to Spain. Andrew is home from L.A. Ali leaves for New York tomorrow. Nick heads to Nicaragua late tomorrow night for a two week surf trip. So, we thought it would be great to get our families together while all you dear kids (but missing Lindsey and Carl, and Nick will be late because of work), who have grown up together, are home!

So, when I stress about all that I am not doing, things that I really want to do, but haven't yet, I realize, that, yes, life has been busy, full, filled with hard times and times where I just want to yell out, "Thank you, God, for this precious moment!!!" Actually, I say that to Him, in my head, often these days!

And, I am thanking Him for you, Nick, Ali and Greg!

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