Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy 25th Birthday, Greg!

Several times before today I sat down to write a birthday entry on my blog for you, Gregory. Just the thought, and I start crying. Not tears of sadness. Tears of joy! Tears of thankfulness! Tears of "I can't believe that God gave us this amazing young man to be OUR child!" (Hopefully you and your sister and brother are the only ones reading this, as it could be a bit, or, a lot embarrassing. A gushing mom. Yuck! But, hey, it's my blog!)

So, since you are having your first birthday since I started this blog, I will continue the tradition of recounting the day of your birth. Just for the record. But, backing up to before June 20, 1986, I think you already know this story...

Dad and I...Newly married...I felt tired, not quite myself...Pregnancy test...Positive...

Now, since you know that we are absolutely crazy about you and always have been, I feel it is safe to say, for the record, that this came as a bit of, no, a huge surprise. You were due on our one year anniversary. But, in keeping with your thoughtful nature, you showed up three days early. Thank you!

We had just finished our last birthing class. Came home. Started labor...A long labor. No insurance. Therefore, no drugs. No epidural. Just your dad (and maybe most of the women in my family-I can't remember), always by my side, encouraging and supporting me! When you finally arrived, all slimy and bluish, I thought, "Wow! I had a lizard! I love this little lizard! Maybe, next time I'll have a human baby." :-) And, from the moment I laid eyes on you, I wondered why I hadn't been dreaming about you my whole life!

Greg, you have been a complete joy to raise! You have always been so good-natured and not moody. Stable and steady. Not demanding or dramatic. Kind and thoughtful and considerate. Hard working and disciplined. Absolutely not perfect. (And, like your dad, I know you will take that as the compliment it is meant to be.) Careful with your words, yet not afraid to speak out when needed. Accepting of others. Careful with finances when it comes to yourself, but very generous when it comes to others. Serious when you need to be, but doing your little dance and laughing and joking and bugging Nick and teasing Ali and screaming at the EPL refs at the proper times.

I have tremendous respect for you, Greg. What a gift God gave me in allowing me to be your mom! Know that I do and will continue to pray for you daily. For God's will in your life. For you to abide moment by moment in Jesus. For you to constantly be aware of your dependence on Him. For you to always be filled to overflowing with His love, joy, peace, comfort and hope!

Happy, happy birthday! I love you!

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