Wednesday, June 22, 2011

NYC High/Low

3 (or 30) Highs:

1. Experiencing New York City with two of my very favorite people!
2. Staying 3 nights in an adorable apartment overlooking Ground Zero and the Hudson.
3. Long walk along the Hudson.
4. Lunch at Friedman's in Chelsea Market.
5. Highline and seeing the new section for the first time.
6. Walking with Ali!
7. The loudest thunder I have ever heard and the brightest lightning I have ever seen.
8. Showing Greg Natural Gourmet Institute.
9. Being treated to dinner at Numero 28 in East Village by Mark and Erica. Observing that married life suits them both very well! Wonderful couple!
10. Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge to a delicious lunch at Siggy's.
11. Laughing with Ali!
12. Drinks at Ward III in TriBeCa with Chelsea and meeting Jonathan.
13. Watching sunset along the Hudson.
14. Delicious dinner at Macao with Chelsea. Treated wonderfully because they love Ali working there!
15. Lunch on the roof top of Eataly.
16. Eating with Ali!
17. Visiting Trinity Grace Chelsea and meeting Breezy, Michele and Jesse and seeing Kylie again.
18. Gluten free Italian dinner at Risottoria in the West Village.
19. Meeting one of the actors from one of my favorite movies, "The Princess Bride", and laughing afterwards because of a cute Ali-ism. :-)
20. Meeting Ali's roommate, Brandy and spending 2 cozy nights in their apartment.
21. Trying to keep up with Ali!
22. Biking around Central Park and along the Hudson.
23. All organic lunch in Central Park.
24. Watching the taping of Late Night with David Letterman from the second row.
25. Thai dinner in Hell's Kitchen area.
26. Talking about Jesus with Ali and Greg!
27. Drinks at R-Lounge in Time Square. Quiet, calm while watching the mobs below.
28. Subway rides and soooo thankful that we had Ali with us.
29. Getting to know the East Village a bit, as it is the home of our girl.
30. Witnessing Ali's comfort and ease and friendships, making Manhattan seem more like a little village than the big city that it is!

3 Lows:

1. Being away from Nick as he had to deal with a dislocated left knee and a sliced up right foot. But, knowing he was well taken care of by his other family, the Chesnuts, and his Uncle Brian and other family members and friends!
2. Being away from Gregory on his 25th birthday. But, knowing we wouldn't have seen him much, as he studied for Boards. (Praying for you right now, for clarity, calmness, and lots of right answers, as you take that little test!)
3. Saying goodbye to Ali. But, knowing I get to see her almost every month!


  1. LOOOOOOOOOVE!!!!! :)

    You make me happy!

    P.S. I love youuuuu



  2. Thank you for posting these comments! It's the greatest way to stay connected during a crazy season! Just loved, loved, loved this!