Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Year of No Shopping

I did it! A whole year of not shopping! Well, almost. There were those few things that I knew I would be buying (bathing suit, walking shoes, long sleeved workout shirts, a few wedding gifts). And, the year isn't over for a few days (Can I resist the after Christmas sales?). 

When the crazy idea kept popping in my head over a year ago, I thought, "That's stupid...Why do it?...By October I'll be going nuts, wanting to burn all of my clothes."

Funny thing...I loved it! Something happened in my thinking along the way...
Wanting less...
Being content with what I already have...
Having no idea what's in style these days and not caring one little bit!...
Thanking God for all I do have instead of focusing on the things I don't have...
And, did I mention FREEDOM?!

Dad and I were sitting in our family room this morning, sharing what God has been teaching us. It came to me...I don't want to be remembered as that frugal woman who didn't shop for a year. Or, as that health nut who is always talking about what foods are healthy and what are not (need to work on this's still all so new and exciting!) Or, even that lady with the fantastic kids. :-) What I'd like to be known for is my passion for Jesus Christ, my love of God! Yes! TRUE FREEDOM!

Thank you, you three, for your support this past year! For cheering me on! For being such good sports as I got creative with birthday and Christmas presents! Have I told you lately that I'm crazy about you three?!

ps~I'm seriously considering another year...with a few exceptions...mostly bras.


  1. I know you as a sister with a passion for Jesus!!! But I sure love hearing all the new things you are learning about health. You are doing a great job with Christ living IN you!

  2. Alisa, I'm so intrigued...I'm tempted to challenge myself to this. I would have to get creative since I still have growing children at home...hmmm, would love to chat with you about this. The Lord has recently shed light on the bondage I put myself in trying to "keep up".

    By the way, you ALWAYS looked fashionable to me :)
    xoxo~ Lisa (Kellas)