Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hold Tight

Happy 2013 to my favorite three young adults in the whole wide world and to my future three other favorites,

So...nothing new from me since 2012, though I have thought of what I would write once I started again...Maybe just photos from the past year...Maybe a list of highlights (and there have been many!)...Maybe a summary of what Ali and I learned from our nutrition program (another blog, another time)...Maybe some deep spiritual lesson God has taught me recently (can't think of anything off hand, just, "Trust Me, love Me, abide in Me, be completely dependent on Me").

Well, here are my words of wisdom for 2013 so far:

Hug often. Hug long. Dad and I do this thing...We just hug, snuggled together as close as we can get, no talking, not even looking at each other...Just hugging...Letting our hearts beat together...Forgetting why we might be frustrated with each other...Not thinking about problems...Just hugging!

There you have it! Now go practice.

Love you all more than you'll ever know!

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