Sunday, November 25, 2012


...that you, Gregory, were home for Thanksgiving! Possibly the last one for the next four years. (To whom do I write to say, "This mama wants her son home for every holiday! Does the army really need him at holiday time?" And, btw, I just learned that your great grandma actually wrote to the president of the United States to say that she needed her husband home from the war because she was going nuts with her seven kids. Urban legend? Who's to say.)

...for your, Ali, AMAZING culinary talents! And, all with a smile, a cute apron, great music playing! Delicious Thanksgiving dinner...every bite!

...that you, Nick, had the day off work! And, that you got to surf at 4:30 a.m. with your friends! And, surf again with your brother!

...for your dad...that he got to not work for a few days. That he works his (super sexy) butt off most of the time to take care of us!

...for dancing to Mumford and Sons in the kitchen before dinner! All five of us!

...that we all ate a super healthy, delicious dinner in two hours instead of five minutes! You all rock!

...for tasting delicious, special wines! For making ice cream for the first time!

...for lots and lots of laughing, for Dad's reading of that cool passage in Ephesians, for three kids that I am crazy about and love to be with!

...that Jesus Christ is the center of our home and of each of our individual lives! That He dwells within us! That we abide in Him and He in us! Yes...I'm thankful!


  1. This is just lovely, Alisa... :) So thankful to have friends (and neighbors!) like the five of you... xoxo, daryn

    1. Daryn~Thank you! We are so thankful for YOU! We sure did miss you on Christmas Eve...Just didn't feel right. :-) Love you!~oxo