Friday, November 2, 2012

Seek Him

My Three Favorite Young Adults in the Whole Wide World,

(BTW, will I ever get my other three favorite young adults in the whole world?)

Back on track here...

I love how Jesus came "to seek and to save that which was lost"! (Luke 19:10) That which was lost was me. That was you. But, now we are IN Christ! Even then, though, He doesn't force Himself on us. "I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will dine with him, and he with Me." (Revelation 3:20) Though He dwells within us, He allows us to decide if we will walk in Him or in the flesh. But, His desire is an intimate, abiding relationship with us!

I wanted to share with you three some of the practical ways He has shown me to nurture that intimacy.

* Before I get out of bed, I start thanking Him. I thank Him for the day, for you three, for my warm cozy bed, for your dad, for being Who He is. (Sometimes I don't. You can probably tell those mornings. I REALLY need to start my day like this. It's just better for everyone.)

* Before I read anything else, like that newspaper we get every day, I love to read my Bible. Usually I don't have a plan. I'm a little ADD that way...All over the place. The last few weeks I've been reading through Acts. Some cool stuff! I've also been going through verses I want to commit to memory in this 52 year old brain. (I know what you're thinking..."Good luck on that one, Mom!") I write them down in my journal. So, I just love digging in to my Bible and seeing what God wants to reveal to me!

* Your dad and I have read some amazing books and devotionals over the years! We love to share with each other what God is teaching us through these! Intimacy with Christ, by Jeanne Guyon, Abiding in Christ, by Andrew Murray, The Indwelling Life of Christ, by Ian Thomas, The Christian's Secret to a Happy Life, by Hannah Smith. All of these books point me to Jesus as my Life, my Everything! I love that! My new favorite is Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young! (I can tell I'm getting a bit too excited here. Too many exclamation points. I'll settle down.)

* A gift in my life is friends that are as Jesus freakish as me! A friend that will call me out on not trusting God in a certain situation or not surrendering to His will in areas of my life is a good friend! A friend who shares my passion for Jesus and not religion! You know those friends. You're more in love with Jesus after being around them. That's a good thing!

* Sitting quietly and just listening to His voice is a discipline that is hard for me. But, the times that I have allowed Him to speak into my life (without me interrupting), loving on me, filling me with a strong sense of His presence...these are precious times!

So, Greg, Ali and Nick, my prayer for you three continues to be that you each have your very own intimate, personal, abiding relationship with Jesus! That you open that door, dine with Him and He with you!

I'm crazy about you!

ps~You three have given me plenty of opportunities to really test whether I am abiding in, trusting in, completely dependent on Jesus or not. :-) Thanks!


  1. Amazing!! Thanks Mama yet again for this wonderful, beautiful rich rich Truth!!! Your authenticity, transparency and love and passion for Jesus! It oozes out of you and is crazy contagious!! I love love LOVE you! Muah!!!

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  3. Thanks mom! I really enjoy reading these. Thanks for your honesty...and glad the three of us could help you out! haha. I definitely want to get some of those books too!