Thursday, May 26, 2011

Approaching God: Yep! I'm writing a book review!

For someone who has a hard time just writing thank you notes, writing a book review is a little intimidating for me. But, for Lisa Borden and her book Approaching God I am more than willing!

Lisa, a dear Westmont classmate of mine, has a gift of writing that always leaves me wanting more. In Approaching God her poetic and artist way of sharing her intimacy with God is refreshingly straightforward and simple. God is not viewed as a distant Deity. Rather, Lisa focuses on six characteristics that challenge our view of God and draw us into a deeper relationship with Him. And, having known Lisa for over 30 years, her life reflects this very personal relationship with our God!

In her book, we get the privilege of glimpses into the Borden life...Byron getting "axed" as he was working on a orinka (a tool used to kill cobras... really!) ...Broken down truck, in Africa, hundreds of miles from help...A little Borden, probably Jesse, taking a nap in his mother's arms...And, the photos! Fabulous!

Lisa's use of poems, photos, passages from the Bible, personal stories, and the insight God has given her from walking with Him for many years creates a beautiful book! At first, I read it straight through. The second time, I spent time at the end of each chapter, journaling my responses. Third time, I soaked in the poems and the photos. Not sure how I'll approach it the fourth time, but looking forward to it! :-) Approaching God points me to God...And, causes me to say, "Lisa, I want more!"

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