Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Leopard Print Bath Robe

Wish I had thought of bringing my camera out to capture the moment forever. But, you're never really prepared for things like this. Kind of take you by surprise...

Kim warned me that she and Pat would not make it to our couples' Bible study, seeing that it was her and Pat's 40th wedding anniversary on that very day. Totally understood. She said they would be checking in to the Inn, having a quiet evening, just the two of them, and she'd be wearing her leopard print fuzzy bathrobe and flip flops. Jokingly, I mentioned that they could pop in just to say hi to us.

So, as your dad and I were greeting the two couples we were expecting, up our walkway comes Kim and Pat! I felt the tears coming. Kim, in her fuzzy leopard print robe, and Pat, popping in to be with us on their anniversary! I LOVE our couples' group! We love to be together. We don't miss, unless it is something unavoidable. After two and a half years together, we share a lot. Our struggles, our joys, our pains, our praises. We study Jesus together.

And Kimmy...She makes me laugh. She is open, honest, vulnerable, real...I first met her at an SFC chapel. Your Aunt Debbi and I were standing in the back. Awhile after it started, in walks this tall, spandex clad, coffee (not Starbucks) toting woman. She raised her hands during the singing, lost in worshipping Jesus. Knew right then that I would love her!

I hope that you three, when you are older and possibly (who knows?) married, find other couples that you just click with, love to be with, open up with, and aren't afraid to drop in on wearing a leopard print bathrobe. Yep, even you, Greg and Nick! :-)


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