Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy 80th Birthday, Daddy!

Today, my Dad is 80!!! We had a birthday party for him last night. It is the first birthday of his that I can remember really celebrating. Every other year, he would always tell us he did not want a party. This year, being his 80th, we decided to not believe him.

So, at five last night, we all gathered at the Searles for appetizers. Deb's fresh salsa, my guacamole and chips, Lori's veggie platter, Italian sodas and my margaritas. Ali, Jonny, Steven, Alyssa and Jon could not be with us. We missed them! Claude and Carol Chan joined us! What a treat!

Awhile later, we headed down to our house for a sit down dinner. Deb made her amazing chicken enchiladas, cabbage salad and Mexican rice. Lor made delicious black beans. We sat around our two tables, enjoying being together, celebrating my Dad!

After dinner, we share our hearts, honoring my Dad. One by one, we told Dad/Grandpa what he has meant to us over the years, what we have learned from him, how we love him. Even his little great grandaughter, Emma Rose, had a card for him! My dad LOVES copying articles, sections of books, any info he thinks might be useful to us, and, he highlights, adds notes then passes these copies out to us. So...we all copied, highlighted, underlined, added notes, stapled together our favorite devotionals to give to him, along with our cards. He listened, absorbed, maybe teared up a bit, then added commentary after each person shared. I think he liked it!

We topped off the evening with a tasty apple strudel made by Lori and Cassi. We sang Happy Birthday. We told Dad that he needed to make a wish before blowing out the candles. This being his first birthday party, he needed a little guidance. He said, "I want my whole family to always trust in Jesus." We told him that his wish should not be said out loud. He didn't seem to care. :-)

What a great celebration of my Daddy! Happy 80th birthday, Dad! I love you!

ps-Photos to follow when we get our computer working better.

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