Saturday, April 4, 2015


I HATE that! I hate seeing people do it. I hate seeing pictures of people doing it. I especially hate having it done to me.

On our beach walk last week, Dad asked, "So, how've you been doing lately?"

"Overall things are pretty good," I responded. "But, I have been flipping you off and calling you an a-- ---- in my mind a few times lately."

Dad, a look of surprise on his face, said, "Oh."

Me...Thinking in the flesh...Ewww....And, then admitting it to your dad...And, even before that, acknowledging it as sin before the Lord and thanking Him for His forgiveness.

In my self-centered, fleshly way of thinking, I would like to justify my (non-physical, just mental) actions. "Greg, you have just not been treating me well lately. You are short with me. You don't give me the love I need."

I am so thankful that, as I get older, my patient Heavenly Father reveals to me MY part, MY responsibility, MY pride.

Thank You, Jesus, for the conviction of Your Holy Spirit! Thank You, that You reminded me quickly that I was not walking (or thinking) in the Spirit! Thank You that You give me glimpses of what I am like when I take control and do not submit to Your reign in my life! Thank You that in my life, You make it quite evident that I am in need of a Savior...YOU...daily!

And, thank You that, as an added bonus, You have given me a husband who, at the end of our walk, hugged me and said, "I'm going to be nicer."

ps~This post is from 2/7/12. I'm sure you can see why I would be hesitant to post it. Yikes! But, in being honest with myself and with you, my six favorite young adults, this happens in my life sometimes. Some people are just "good" people. I, on the other hand, am not. Left to my own devices, without Holy Spirit in control, I'm capable of lots of yucky things. 

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