Friday, March 16, 2012

My Third Son!

Maybe...someday...if it's God's plan for you, Ali, I will get a son-in-law! Months ago I shared with your brothers my thoughts on their future wives. Today I wanted to jot down my desires and dreams for your future husband, my little Pooh!

You know this one...Above all else, I pray that your future husband loves the Lord Jesus Christ passionately! That he desires to be walking in the Spirit! That he is in awe of our God!

And, (you already know this, too) that he has a teachable heart, eager to grow and learn, to allow the Holy Spirit to change him.

I hope you marry a man and not a little boy. (You already know this. Hmm...wondering why I'm even writing this...) A man who has already been taking care of himself, is independent, makes his own decisions, ready for the responsibility of joining himself to YOU! Yes, my precious one, I pray that you marry a man!

Ali, you are darling! You have a very unique, a bit quirky personality. I want your future husband to cherish that about you! To laugh at your little "Ali-isms"! (And, to gently cover your mouth to protect you and those around you from some of those things that pop out of your mouth. I'm thinking of an evening around the dinner table when Kim was over. And, a few other instances come to mind. Makes me smile. And, squirm just a bit.) To sing with you when you do your funny singing-instead-of-talking thing. Or, at least to smile and not tell you to be quiet. :-) To dance your little sprinkler or going-under-water dances with you! To belly ache laugh with you! Or, at least to smile at you when you laugh that laugh! To stoop with you when you are pretending to tie your shoe lace (even if you are wearing slip-ons). And, I pray that he knows how to hold you in his arms and just comfort you when you are feeling sad. That he tells you you are beautiful and that above anyone else in the world, he has chosen YOU to be his wife!

A talker would be good...maybe. A good listener and a good question asker would be a plus!

A man who will truly appreciate your gift of cooking healthy, delicious meals!

And, someone who loves your mother and likes to hang out with your family! ;-)

Can't wait to see what and/or who God has in store for you! And, if your choice of a first (almost) boyfriend is any indication, you have great taste!


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  1. I realized I never wrote a comment on this amazing post of yours! Mama, again, everything you put in this 'list' hits the nail on the head! Keep praying for this kind of third son! I would like that :)
    Love youuuu!!!