Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Changing the Words

There's this thing I do, to make sure my words match what is in my heart...

When I am singing a song, in church, in the car, in my room, and the lyrics don't match my beliefs or place in life, I just sing my own words!

For example:

When we are singing this song, and we get to the part, "In all I do, I honor You," I change it to "In all I do, I desire to honor You." (I definitely do not honor my God in ALL I do. Take, for instance, my driving.)

And, then there's the song with the words, "I'm so broken." I change those words to, "Thank You that I am complete in You!" (Kind of weird to anyone around me who hears this. Doesn't even come close to the original words. But, I sing very softly.)

Then there's the ever-popular, "I live for You". I know you three could shout out in unison how I change that up! "I live IN You!"

What about you three, my precious children? What words do you change to match what God is revealing to you about Himself, who you are IN Him?!

I love you all so very much!

1 comment:

  1. oooohhhhh, so that's where i get it from!! mama, i do the same exact thing in church (cuz if it's on pandora or klove or whatever, i just switch the song/station ;). particularly, the songs that focus on the cross. bugs me. oh, and 'one day we'll have peace and rest'. also bugs me (b/c we have peace and rest NOW in Jesus!!!). oh, and can't forget the ones that make you so self aware/focused. just plain annoying.

    thanks for sharing your oh so wise wisdom!!! as always, love youuuu!!! :)