Saturday, July 9, 2011

Possible Copy Right Infringement

To go along with my weekly sermons (or maybe just one random sermon), I thought I'd pass along daily (or just today) readings!

Ali, you asked me if I have ever cried as I listen to Peter Reid teach on the gospel of John. I admit, I have been a bit misty eyed as I take my walk, MP3 player in place, listening to these great messages. But, today I broke down...almost sobbed as I was walking along Crest Drive. Hope I didn't cause concern to anyone passing by. I didn't really notice. And, it's not exactly what Peter says. It's that his words point me to Jesus, and Jesus only, and Jesus as our Enough!

He quoted Spurgeon. (So maybe I'm in danger of double copy right infringement.)
"I looked to Jesus,
and the dove of peace filled my soul.
I looked to the dove of peace,
And he flew away."

Peter had just finished going over the seven "I AM" statements from Jesus in the book of John. Love these! Peter's summary was:
"'I AM what you want.'
When you desire the Light, more than what He reveals,
you'll see what you haven't understood.
When you desire the Bread, more than being satisfied,
you'll enjoy the inner satisfaction you crave.
When you desire the Door, more than the pastures He exposes,
you'll enter spiritual reality.
When you desire the Shepard, more than His voice,
you'll hear Him speak to you by name.
When you desire the Resurrection, more than being raised,
you'll start doing the impossible.
When you desire the Way, more than the direction He gives,
you'll know where to go.
When you desire Truth, more than acquiring knowledge,
you'll search the depths of God.
When you desire the Life, more than the Christian life,
you'll experience Christ as your Life.
When you desire the Vine, more than the fruit He produces,
you'll bear fruit that remains."

Gregory, Ali and Nick, my prayer for you this day, and always, is that you desire Jesus above all, as your All!

ps~Ali, thank you, again, for these CDs from your time at Bodenseehof! Huge blessing to me!

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