Tuesday, February 3, 2015

This is Happening!

Yay! Precious Maryann, we get to keep you!

You and Nick have a great story...
Met in high school.
Started dating your senior year.
Headed off to colleges in different cities.
Stayed together (almost the whole time).
Moved back to your home towns after college and spent lots of time together.
Continued to fall more and more in love!

And, then...the proposal! What you thought was one of your usual picnics ended up being a day none of us will ever forget! 

Maryann, we are beyond excited to have you as our new daughter...part of our family forever! Besides knowing Jesus, you are the best thing that ever happened to Nick!

You are gentle, kind and compassionate. You are steady, disciplined and have an amazing work ethic. You are devoted to your family and your friends. You are easy going, yet know how to be a perfectionist when it's required. You are a fabulous listener, and you also know how to share your heart honestly. You have a great sense of humor. You love and care for my son in such a beautiful way! You love Jesus with your whole heart! And, you are stunningly beautiful, inside and out! You are a gift from God to Nick and to all of us!

This road ahead will have its challenges. I am so proud of you for your attitude and willingness to be by Nick's side as you head out to Loma Linda together. My prayer for you both is that you continue to see this next season as an adventure...that you daily cherish one another, that you stay tender hearted during the stressful times, that you grow closer and closer as God joins you together as one, that you communicate lovingly and clearly with each other (as I've told you...so sorry about the whole communication education Nick got from me), that you laugh and cuddle and hug and kiss a lot, that you abide in, rely on and trust Jesus!

With a heart full of gratitude and joy for you, my new daughter and one of my favorite young adults in the whole wide world, welcome to our family!

I love you,

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  1. Maryann is so precious and we are so excited that she is joining our family {although it seems she has been a part of it for a long time! }. What wonderful words to her, Alisa!