Saturday, August 27, 2011

You Leave for College Tomorrow, Nick!

Thought maybe you didn't remember...You are moving down to Pt. Loma tomorrow for your junior year of college. Should have reminded you earlier. We have loved having Davis here! So fun hanging out with Maryann last night! Great having Kyle come over and catch us up on his life! Vigi's doughnuts good this morning? Good surf? How many hours were you, Kyle, Davis and Greg surfing?! And, how was Rico's? Did they call you "Necky" or "Dos Colores"? Did you all enjoy the movie you were all watching this afternoon? And, how is work going tonight? Busy? Any demanding, obnoxious customers? Any inappropriate comments from young girls? Or, your parents? :-) And, do you work tomorrow?

Also wondering (but not wanting to be a nosey mom), do you have sheets that fit your dorm room bed? Or, any sheets at all? Towels? Are you packed? Clothes clean? School bill paid? Have you signed up for your classes yet? Will you visit Grandpa in the hospital before you leave? Is your car filled with gas? Will your room be cleaned and cleared out (I envision a cute guest room!) by the time you leave tomorrow? And, by the way, what time will you be leaving? Just curious...

And, will our recycle bin be emptied by the time you leave???


ps~I will miss you like crazy this year.

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